Welcome to the Radical Software Web Site. Our purpose is to make all the historic issues of Radical Software freely available to everyone. This site is designed for easy browsing and downloading, and hosts a sophisticated search engine to help you find the information you require on all aspects of independent video and video art back in the "Portapak Era."


The Radical Software Web Site is a joint project of the Daniel Langlois Foundation of Montreal, and Davidson Gigliotti and Ira Schneider.

The historic video magazine Radical Software was started by Beryl Korot, Phyllis Gershuny, and Ira Schneider and first appeared in Spring of 1970, soon after low-cost portable video equipment became available to artists and other potential videomakers. Though scholarly works on video art history often refer to Radical Software, there are few places where scholars can review its contents. Individual copies are rare, and few complete collections exist. This Web site makes it freely available and searchable on the Internet. [more...]



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