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Radical Software, Volume II, Number 2
The TV Environment, Spring 1973

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Certainly the issue which most directly references broadcast television; in fact, it is almost a celebration of 1950s and 60s TV. Interviews are the strong suite, chronicling the careers of Dennis James and Bill Gray (who created the role of Bud Anderson in Father Knows Best); interviews with television viewers talking about their favorite programs. There are even interviews with a store owner who acts in TV commercials for his clothing store, a TV repairman, and a guy who rents TVs for a living.

The issue is rich in off-screen photographs of famous and infamous television personalities. Wrestling, baseball and football are covered. There is a section on "TV Stuff" featuring photos of everything "TV" from TV stands and TV chairs to TV dinners.

This issue, from the minimal front cover to the off-screen image of Tex Antoine on the back cover has an informational conceptual art look to it that was not uncommon to the early 70s.

The perpetrators went on to different walks in life. John Margolies has a distinguished publishing history, mainly books on architecture and other aspects of the American built environment. Billy Adler is a digital artist in California. Ilene Segalove has had a career as a video artist, PBS radio personality, and writer. Van Schley became a baseball entrepreneur. He owns, and partially owns, several minor league teams, and is Chairman of the Northeast League. You just never know...